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Call for Details!

Original individual shaft rocker system designed for a Gen II Hemi.

In the late 90’s Ray had hit another brick wall with his Super Stock Hemi engine development. Engines were revving higher, cams were gaining lift, valves were getting longer, and the valve train geometry was really becoming a major problem. In order to take his program to the next level he needed a rocker system that allowed him to fully adjust the valve train accordingly for each application.

He approached 2 of the leading rocker manufacturers about his problems and the rest is history. All Ray had to hear was that it couldn’t be done and that was enough for him to grab a chunk of aluminum and start milling away for himself.

After many hours in the research lab, Ray had developed a system that brought the Hemi into the next millennium. Once again Ray had changed the future of the Hemi and never looked back. With the help of Larry Tores & Brad Rounds from T & D Machine, Ray’s prototype was made into a dream come true in the year 2000. Ray’s Hemi rocker design was later patented in 2001.

Until this day over 500 sets have been sold worldwide and are still in service. Some systems have seen 10’s of thousands of miles in street cars. Others have been used & abused to set dozens of World Records in applications such as Bonneville Salt Flat cars exceeding 240 MPH.

  • Fits most Gen II Hemi heads with little to no modifications. It even uses the same length head bolts.
  • Adjustable rocker arm height. The rocker pedestals are parallel with the valve which allows you to adjust the height of the rocker arm for optimum geometry. Pedestal shims are included with each system. When longer valves are being used, taller pedestals are also available upon request at no extra charge.
  • Individual shaft system allows you to service one cylinder, one rocker, one valve spring at a time. The rockers can also be removed without loosening the adjusting nut, allowing the valve lash to stay constant.
  • Restricts oil being fed to the heads for ideal oil control.
  • Optional integrated spray bar system added to lubricate the valve train. Lubrication through the pushrod from the lifter is also available.
  • Pushrod measuring tool is included in the rocker system assembly.
  • Does not fit under stock valve covers – However, we have our own valve covers to accommodate this system.

Available Ratios

  • Intake ratios 1.55, 1.60, 1.65, 1.70, 1.75, or 1.80
  • Exhaust ratios 1.50, 1.55 or 1.60

Additional Options

  • Taller rocker pedestals if longer valves are being used – No additional cost.
  • Steel Rocker Baseplates 
  • Steel Rocker Arms
  • Spring Oiler Option – Must oil through the pushrod to feed. Call for variations & pricing.

Benefits From T&D Manufacturing

  • Stronger Shafts – T & D’s larger diameter shafts are made from 8620 steel, deep case hardened and tempered for the maximum of wear resistance and strength.
  • Better Aluminum – T & D uses 2024 aluminum made to their specifications for tensile and yield strength. 2024 has improved notch sensitivity, fatigue resistance, strength at elevated temperatures and chemical resistance.
  • 7/16” Diameter Adjusting Screw – T & D’s world class adjuster screw and jam nut are the biggest in the business producing more thread contact area to positively secure lash settings. Each adjuster is broached for a big 3/16” socket to eliminate twisted hex keys. Jam nuts are heat-treated alloy steel to be the lightest and toughest around.
  • Rebuildable – T & D rocker arms are manufactured so that every component can be removed without damaging the rocker. This allows them to replace any damaged components or replace the aluminum rocker body after its cycle limit has been reached.
  • 5 Rocker Systems available for: Hemi OEM, Hemi Stage V, Hemi Super Stock, Hemi High Ratio, and Hemi Gen II SS.