Single Plane HEMI


Call for Details!

Our Single Plane HEMI is designed to deliver power and durability on pump gasoline with a minimal amount of maintenance, making them excellent Street/Strip engines. From carb to pan, these engines are equipped with top shelf parts, giving you the most value and enjoyment out of your Hemi. The RBRE "Single Plane" intake provides more power and drivability compared to the average Hemi intake. Call for pricing! 

Note: This intake may not fit under flat stock hoods.


  • 10:1 Compression for pump gas
  • All new parts from brands you know and trust
  • Minimum amount of maintenance
  • Fits all stock Hemi Accessories
  • Standard exhaust port locations
  • We have built 100's
  • Dyno Tested

Upgrades & Accessories

  • Aluminum Block
  • Port Match Intake
  • 7 Quart Oil Pan
  • 8 Quart Custom Aluminum Oil Pan
  • Low profile MSD Distributor
  • Flex Plate & Bolt Package
  • Torque Converter
  • Flywheel & Bolt Package
  • Hemi K-Frame
  • Hemi Motor Mounts




  • ~700 Horsepower on Pump Gas
  • Perfect Street/Strip engine
  • Custom cam idles & sounds like a Hemi should
  • Intended for serious street performance to all out racing
  • Titanium retainers included for more durability
  • Complete, dyno tested, ready to drop in your car!



  • ~750 Horsepower on Pump Gas
  • Ultimate Street/Strip engine that produces more power without sacrificing durability
  • Level 2 cam increases engine RPM range
  • Ported heads increase top end power and RPM range
  • Titanium retainers included for more durability
  • Complete, dyno tested, ready to drop in your car!


Bill of Materials

Cast Iron Hemi Block (upon availability)

  • Blueprinted In-house to our specs
  • High Performance Bearings

Hemi Aluminum Cylinder Heads

  • RBRE Custom Multi-Angle Valve Job
  • Stainless Steel High-Flow Valves
  • ARP High Performance Hemi Head Stud Kit

Valvetrain Package

  • RBRE Individual Shaft Rocker System
  • Trend 3/8" x .080" Pushrods
  • Manley/Comp Springs, Locks, Titanium Retainers, Cups

RBRE Single Plane Intake

  • ARP Intake Manifold Bolts
  • Progressive Street Hemi Linkage
  • ARP Carb Stud Kit
  • 4150 & 4500 Pattern available

Rotating Assembly

  • Internally Balanced In-house
  • 4340 Forged Crankshaft
  • Pin Fit Rods & Pistons
  • 4340 H-Beam Steel Connecting Rods
  • Diamond Forged Pistons
  • Moly Ring Set
  • ATI Crankshaft Balancer

Cam Package

  • Ray Barton Custom Ground Solid Cam
  • Billet Roller Double Timing Chain
  • ARP Camshaft Bolts
  • Tool Steel Solid Lifters
  • Mopar Chrome Timing Cover

Oil System

  • Center Sump Oil Pan
  • Stroker Windage Tray
  • 1/2" Hemi Oil Pump Pickup
  • Melling High Volume Oil Pump
  • Distributor Drive Gear
  • VP Racing Break-in Oil (Dyno Testing), 6 Quarts

RBRE Cast Aluminum Valve Covers

  • Mopar Performance Spark Plug Tubes
  • Moroso Posi Loc Billet Breathers
  • ARP Valve Cover Bolts


  • MSD Billet Distributor
  • Mopar Distributor Clamp
  • Moroso Spark Plug Wires


  • RBRE Custom High Performance Gasket Set
  • Cometic MLS Head Gaskets