Frequently Asked Questions

What oil should I use in my new Hemi?

We recommend Joe Gibbs Hot Rod Oil (Driven) or the equivalent.  It is important that your choice of oil contains ZINC or an additional ZINC additive is used.  For viscosity, we recommend 15W-30  or 15W-40.  However, climate and other factors will help to determine viscosity.  Synthetic oils are adequate to use, but non-synthetic is preferred.

What should the lash gap be set to for my engine?

Valve Lash should be set on a warm engine.  The lash setting will be on your Cam card.

What Spark Plugs do you recommend for my new engine? 

We use Autolite AR-53 or equivalent for Street Hemi Engines and AR-51 for Race & S/S Hemi Engines.

Do you have any pre-built engines?

No, all RBRE Engines are custom built to meet our customers requirements and applications.

What is the starting price of your Hemi engines?

Generation 2 Hemi builds start at 25,000 USD