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    • ARP Stainless Steel Bolt Kit Included
    • RBRE Valve Cover Gasket Set Included
    • Billet Aluminum Oil Fill Cap
    • Optional Breather Machining
    • Compliment your Hemi with our leak free cast aluminum valve covers.
    • Designed to fit any valve spring and rocker system while retaining the original Race Hemi appearance.
    • Extra material was added for our threaded fill cap and custom breather machining.
    • Specify your breather application and we’ll custom machine the valve covers.
    • Our valve covers give you an air tight seal with every installation.
    • Works perfect when high crankcase vacuum is required.
    • Fits most B & E-Bodies without modifications
    • Like any other valve cover, it fits A-Bodies with inner fender modifiactions. There is no way around this on an A-Body, even a stock Hemi valve cover requires clearancing.
    • Used on every Gen II Hemi we build
    • Manufactured in the USA

            Additional Options:

            • Durable Black Wrinkle Powder Coat Finish
            • Plain Finish
            • Available with or without logo
            • Breather machining – must specify breather type

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